Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Babywearing Workout

 As I have told you, I am on the quest to get back into shape and clean up my diet. Sometimes I can do a workout at home while baby is napping, or sneak to the gym for a bit, but other times she is awake and cranky. And going outside works wonders on a cranky baby! It can be harder as it gets warmer, so do it early morning or as the sun is setting! I am also a big fan of wearing my baby (she also hates the car seat/stroller), so as I was walking one day I started doing little exercises to get my heartrate up and work my muscles. It was fun! Pip seemed to think some of it was funny, and once she got tired, she just fell asleep.

It’s good to wear baby, because I think an extra 15 lbs on my chest is like wearing a weighted vest! Ok, not as heavy, but heavy enough to work me out and get a sweat started up! And for you new mommies who are ready to start moving but not ready to hit the gym or start a strenuous program- this could be a good place to start.

First, choose a good carrier for you and baby. Wear one that is comfortable, supportive (for both of you) but still breathable. You may (and should) sweat. Recently I have been wearing my Moby wrap since it is not too hot yet, but I may have to switch it up soon! That is the carrier I am wearing in these pictures. Now put your baby on and go outside!

Here are some moves to do while you keep baby close:

Start out by choosing a distance to walk. Depending on the day and how much time we have (how close to naptime), I usually do anywhere between 1-2 miles ROUNDTRIP.

Are you walking in a park? If so, find the grassy hills and zig zag up and down them. Do your zig zags narrow so that you can get more in a small area. This should help to warm up your muscles and get your heart pounding a bit.
Next get to a light pole or some other focal point and start your lunges, alternating each leg. I usually lunge from from one light pole to the next- approximately 36 lunges for these short legs. And I am so ready to be done by the time I reach that next light pole!
Continue walking and when you feel ready, drop into some squats. These can be harder depending on how big and where baby is hanging, because you have to open your legs REALLY wide for her to go through them! I usually do about 20- more if I’m feeling a little crazy!
 Is there a bench nearby? Stop there, turn around, and drop into some tricep dips. Again, I will do around 20- give or take. Remember to keep your arms as close to the bench as you can when you drop down- you’ll feel the burn there!
How about a side-shuffle in between the next two light poles? Make sure to stay low in your squat even when your feet come together. Here’s the problem- you have to even it out, so at the next light pole, switch sides to work the other direction! 

Next find somewhere to balance (a light pole.... there are just so many!). Start with 30 calf raises. If you aren’t burning, do more! There are two ways to do this- the standard way standing up straight, and a more advanced way in a sumo squat. It takes a little more balance and will make your thighs burn too. Both are pictured below.
Is there another bench around? How about some pushups? DO NOT DO THESE IF BABY IS NOT SECURE OR YOU DO NOT FEEL COMFORTABLE. In our situation, she is tight enough on my body and she thinks these are fun. I only do a few- maybe 10 before I want to readjust her. Then I’ll do 10 more later. 
 Are we having fun yet? Continue to alternate these exercises throughout your walk. I am usually out about 45 minutes to an hour. I try to get every exercise in about 3 times. I’ll do them all on the way there, and then double up on the way home.

Or I’ll mix it up and do something like :
- Everytime I come to a bench, I do all bench exercises.
-Everytime I see a dog, I drop into squats (after they pass)
- When I get to a road, I lunge underneath it through the tunnel.

Get it? Do what works for you. Challenge yourself!

If baby is still cooperating when you get home and you have enough energy, drop down onto the floor to do some abs- with baby as your weight!

Here are some examples:

Extend Crunches: 
Chest Presses:

Russian Twist:

Sit Up with Baby Lift: 

Enjoy your workout!


  1. these are awesome - and the pics are super helpful! i've been looking for some ways to get started post-james, and i think we'll try a couple of these moves. :)

    1. Go at it Alex! It's pretty easy to wear baby and get a workout in- but it's SO HOT right now, so stay inside! By the way, I would now use my Ergo because I love how secure it feels!

  2. My babe is a little too big now to wear(36lb 2 yr old) although he loves being carried! I wore him though and it was so lovely! Luckily he liked his independence and my mother was able to care for him while I hit the gym...Once I lost the baby (and food) weight lol, i was able to keep going and lose the extra...and the extra on top of that! :) I didn't know I had gotten so big and am so thankful that He is with me every step of the way encouraging me and guiding me through this wonderful journey to health!! Thanks for the tips...definitely for my next babe!

  3. This is awesome!!!! I soooo have to try this!!!