About Me

Hi! My name is Aubrey. I married the best guy, Daniel, in January 2009 and have enjoyed life's ups, downs, twists and turns with him. We used to travel a ton, hike, backpack, stay out late, eat junk food, and fill our schedules to the brim!

All of that changed when we welcomed our first child, Piper Renee, into our family in September 2012. Boy did she throw off our schedule! We now spend our time playing on the living room floor, laughing over bath time, changing diapers, comforting crying, taking lots of pictures and videos, and snuggling in bed at 8pm to watch Netflix after she goes to bed.


I created this blog to provide advice, encouragement, research and an outlet for this stay-at-home-mom's busy brain. I also love sharing other women's stories- hard lessons, birth stories, life changes- whatever may have developed you and the life that you lead.

I am also a fearless Jesus follower, and my hope is that you will see how my relationship with Christ permeates everything in my life.

I hope that these posts can encourage you, bring you peace, or at least provide thought-provoking conversations. Thank you for visiting!

***If you have a story you would like to share, email me at amecimore@gmail.com. Also, FOLLOW MY BLOG by subscribing on the homepage- an email will be sent any time there is something new posted!***

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