Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Where Have I Been?

Hi Friends!

Wow, it feels like it's been forever.... I do have a good reason for being gone though.... did you hear?

That's right, we will be adding a new MINImore to our clan late this summer! And yes, I did just say Minimore. Since we don't find out the sex of the baby until birth, this is the term we have used. It makes me smile.

I will say though, I have been VERY fortunate this pregnancy and have almost completely avoided morning sickness! It's weird, because with Piper I was sicker than anyone else I knew. This made me anxious and nervous for weeks, but we heard a sweet little heartbeat last week so all is well. Maybe I just got "lucky" this time. And maybe it's still around the corner! A friend of mine told me that her sickness started at 13 weeks and has lasted almost to delivery. Now that just seems unfair. 

We will schedule a c-section the last week in August to meet this little one. And I will definitely write more on this decision later. It probably wasn't the smartest idea getting pregnant only a few months out from such a major pelvic surgery, but we have always trusted God's timing, so this seems to be it! I'm not sure yet if I'll find more challenges in this pregnancy because of my weakness, but I am expecting it. Only time will tell!

After having Piper, I realized that I didn't document my pregnancy enough. Yes, I have pictures, but none of them have dates or weeks. They all are in different clothing and different positions. What was I thinking? I think that I didn't want to appear to be a "cheesy" pregnant woman, but now I'm bummed I don't have a little more! This time, I have forced my husband to take an identical picture every week to document. Okay, we have missed a couple weeks because of his crazy work schedule, but it will be close enough. I also plan on using this blog for updates. Anyone disagree? Okay cool.

I have ideas and thoughts in my head recently that I need to write down soon, I have just been SO TIRED. And maybe a little lazy. But expect to see me back at it!

Until next time,


P.S. I forgot to THANK YOU ALL for the congrats on the pregnancy! It's fun to have others celebrating with us.