Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My Chalkboard Fridge!

I got bored a few weeks ago, so I ran to the store and picked up some chalkboard paint! My husband and I had talked about making the fridge a chalkboard and he had agreed to it. It was just a plain black fridge- nothing fancy, and we had no plans of getting rid of it! Although he was on board, he didn't expect to come home to it one day! I just sometimes get an idea and make it happen ASAP! 

Here is my fridge before. Black, boring, and cluttered.

 I knew it wasn't difficult to do- I had read a few Pinterest blogs on it and it seemed simple. I found the paint at Walmart for about $10- I had also seen it at hardware stores, but it was about $15. Walmart is the way to go! Here is what it looks like:

When I got home, I grabbed a mirror that I knew I wanted to make a chalkboard and I cleaned off the fridge. I wiped them both down and let them dry. I used a small sponge roller that I also found at Walmart for a few dollars. I taped the mirror so I wouldn't paint the frame- although at the end I had to take the tape off and CAREFULLY touch up the edges so mirror wouldn't show through! Here's the mirror:
It takes a few coats to cover completely!
After one coat on the mirror, I moved to the refrigerator. This took longer and I wanted to make sure it was smooth and even. I did the entire front and the right side (the left side is against a wall).
See the difference? The paint simply turned my shiny fridge matte instead!
Once I was finished there, I still had a ton of paint. So I went into our master bathroom, opened the medicine cabinet and did this:

I did another round for each and applied a second coat. It dries pretty quickly- the hardest part is waiting the 3 days for it to 'set' before you can write on it!
Here are my final products:

 Please excuse my handwriting- it's not good. But you get the point! I still have so much paint leftover...I need to come up with more chalkboard projects!